Benefits of Swimming

There are many benefits of introducing your child to the water from a very early age.

Benefits of Swimming Lessons

Parents often enroll children into structured lessons around 5 years and after around 2 years of swimming we think “they have the basics, they can get themselves to the side of the pool if they fall in, I’ll give them a break”. What you may not realise is that keeping your child swimming between the ages of 5-10 years may actually help set them up for life.

There are many benefits of introducing your child to the water from a very early age

  • It’s vital to enable them to develop a positive relationship with the water
  • It only takes the average child around two years of continuous and regular attendance at swimming to master the basic fundamental skills of swimming – that’s right 2 years!!!!
  • Your child will gain water confidence, understand submersion and breathing control
  • Your child will learn how to float and become competent in rotation – that’s typically done over a 30 minute lesson once a week
  • Swimming lessons assist in brain and physical development which has a huge influence on a child’s learning ability
  • Swimming lessons will help develop your child’s hand eye coordination and motor skills, allowing them to coordinate the movements needed to perform the strokes of swimming
  • Experiences in the pool will help your child form bonds with people and give them a sense of comradery
  • Cognitive behaviour also improves through swimming. Swimming is one of the few exercises that has been shown to significantly improve cognition in young children
  • With regular practice, children can experience a degree of brain regeneration. With regular swimming, they can become smarter and this can help them in their studies
  • Children who are autistic or special needs have also shown significant improvement with this form of exercise.

Swimming is life skill and with that can take a lifetime to master it’s an investment for life.