Learn To Swim

Our expertly trained instructors teach children aged six months old right through to adults how to swim in a safe and fun environment. Enrolments are now open for term three, see below for more information.

About Learn to Swim

The Aquatics Hastings Learn to Swim programme offers classes for pre-school and school-aged children at Clive War Memorial Pool and Swim Heretaunga Pool.

Classes are offered at a range of times with pre-school and water baby classes available during the day Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings. Classes for school aged children are available.

Classes are run during the school term with breaks coinciding with the school holidays. Please note, lessons are not available on public holidays.

If your child is school-aged, we require them to be assessed as part of their initial registration. This is to ensure your child is placed in the best class for their current swimming ability.

Clive Pool also offers intensive Learn to Swim block courses and stroke technique clinics during most term breaks.

Adult Learn to Swim classes are offered either individually or in small groups at Clive Pool.

To secure your child’s place in our Learn to Swim programme contact Swim Heretaunga Pool on phone 06 879 7676 or Clive Pool on phone 06 870 0492 or visit the pool during open hours.


$10 per lesson paid in advance by term (generally 10 weeks).

If your child misses three weeks or more of Learn to Swim classes, and a medical certificate is shown, we offer a credit. Please speak to a member of staff.

Learn to Swim levels 

Upon booking your child for our Learn to Swim programme, we will assess what level they join.

Find out the levels your child will achieve through each stage of our programme.

Water babies

  • Minnows (6-14 months)
  • Frogs (12-24 months)
  • Seahorses (24-36 months)

Aged 3-5 years (pre-school)

  • Safe entry and exit
  • Take part in games
  • Full submersion with bubbles
  • Explores pool environment
  • Safe entry and exit
  • Float on back and front with help
  • Kicks on back and front with help
  • Safe entry and exit
  • Floats on back and front (no help)
  • Streamline glide and float on front
  • Kick on front and back with aid

Aged 5+ learners

  • Safe and confident entry and exit
  • Safe and confident water play
  • Exploration of pool environment
  • Full submersion and blowing bubbles
  • Starfish float front and back with aid
  • Starfish float on front (no help)
  • Starfish float on back with aid
  • Streamline glide on front
  • Kick front and back width of learner’s pool with board
  • Streamline kick holding body position
  • Streamline kick on front and back for width of learner’s pool
  • Starfish float on back (no help)
  • Freestyle and backstroke unassisted for 4 metres
  • Sculling on back (no kicking)
  • Kick front and back length of learner’s pool (or equivalent) with board
  • Freestyle and backstroke unassisted (with basis of correct style)
  • Freestyle breathing assisted
  • Streamline kick front 5–10m
  • Streamline kick back 5-10m
  • Sculling on back (no kick)
  • Competent and consistent freestyle (25m)
  • Competent and consistent backstroke (25m)
  • Basic breastroke kick (15m)
  • Competent and consistent freestyle (25 metres)
  • Competent and consistent backstroke (25 metres)
  • Basic breast stroke kick (15 metres)
  • Streamline on back (25 metres)
  • 50 metres freestyle, with emphasis on good bodyline, style and competent breathing technique
  • 50 metres backstroke (good technique)
  • 50 metres streamline on back
  • 25 metres breaststroke kick
  • Streamline fly kick
  • 100 metres freestyle (good technique)
  • 100 metres backstroke (good technique)
  • 50 metres streamline kick on back
  • 25 metres breaststroke
  • Basic butterfly
  • Dive and streamline
  • Timed 200 metres freestyle (4:30)
  • 150 metres backstroke (good technique)
  • 75 metres streamline kick on back
  • 50 metres breaststroke
  • 25 metres butterfly
  • Dive and streamline

Meet the instructors

Your learn to swim instructors are all either AUSTSWIM licenced or hold Swimming NZ instructor qualifications.


Holiday Intensive Learn to Swim Classes

Swim Heretaunga

Keen to get your kids swimming skills up to scratch?

Our Learn to Swim holiday sessions will be running at Swim Heretaunga in Flaxmere during the July School Holidays (9th July – 20th July).

The 30 minute classes are for all pre-school and school aged kids and will run weekday mornings 8:30am-10:00am (depending on level) at a cost of $50 per week.

For further information or to book please email: fionamh@hdc.govt.nz.

More info

Our classes are held at Clive War Memorial Pool and Swim Heretaunga Pool.

Re-Enrolment Process

Please be aware for term 3 enrolments the following changes will be implemented:

  • automatic rollover of students will no longer occur;
  • parents/caregivers will need to visit the pool to enrol for lessons;
  • a minimum deposit of $10.00 per student will be required and confirmation of booking will be given at that time; and
  • further email confirmations will not occur.

Assessments will be performed in week 7 (11-16 June) and enrolments for each current day will be available to book into from week 8 (18-23 June).

For example: If you are swimming on a Monday this term you will need to come in on Monday of week 8 to enrol for term 3 Monday classes. If you wish to change the day of your current lesson for term 3 these bookings will be opened up from the start of week 9 and a deposit will be required.

Full payment for the term will need to be made by 1 August 2018. Should you wish to discuss a payment plan, please contact the swim school coordinator prior to this date.