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Complete the form below to request a booking. One of our Aquatics Hastings team members will be in touch to confirm.

Please note: If you wish to book one of our facilities for canoe polo please contact the respective pool directly:

Flaxmere Pool
Ph: (06) 879 7676
Email: flaxmerepool@hdc.govt.nz

Clive War Memorial Pool
Phone: (06) 870 0492
Email: swimmingclive@hdc.govt.nz

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Terms and conditions

All pool bookings are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The pool hireage cost include two lifeguards only.
  • Confirmation of number attending must be supplied no later than one week before the intended visit.
  • Additional staff if required can be made available at $25 per hour per staff member.
  • Cancellation fees will apply if:
    • You are a no show for the booking.
    • Notification of the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the intended visit.
  • If for any unforeseen circumstances the venue becomes unavailable we will try to accommodate your group either at an alternative venue or an alternative time that is suitable for both parties.
  • All under 8’s must be ACTIVELY supervised by an adult at all time.
  • BBQs must be cleaned after use.
  • All swimmers must first shower before entering the water in accordance with the Aquatics Hastings “Shower First” Policy. See below as to how this policy works with respect to swimming meets.

Shower First Policy

To ensure excellent water quality is achieved and maintained at our Aquatics Hastings facilities, a “shower first” policy has been adopted to keep our instantaneous bather load to a manageable level.

To that end, the following points have been put forward for consideration. We welcome your feedback around how best to ensure a smooth transition for all users.

Warm up procedure

When scheduling swim meets and warm-ups please can the following be communicated to all swim clubs and participants:

  • All swimmers are required to shower prior to entering the pool for the first time (this is a quick wash-down to remove any impurities on the body).
  • Warm-ups that have typically been 30 minutes in duration will be extended to 45 minutes to ensure swim clubs can stagger their swimmers e.g. 3 clubs (total of 70-80 swimmers in the pool) for the first 20 minutes.
  • While the first warm-up session is taking place, those scheduled to follow will have priority access to the showers for their wash down.
  • For meets with an hour warm-up we again ask that the staggering procedure applies and if necessary this warm-up period can be extended to 1 hour 15 mins as required.
  • Once all swimmers have showered, they are not required to do this again for the remainder of the meet.

While we understand that this new procedure may take some time to get used to, this is a common practice for bigger meets and in other regions. The principle reason for the implementation of this new procedure is to assist in the implementation of a new chlorine system which is heavily reliant on the management of bather loads (especially instantaneous bather loads).

In the event that these bather loads cannot be managed through the implementation of the “shower first” policy, we will have no option but to close the pool until levels are returned to an acceptable range.

We appreciate your support in this area and welcome any further suggestions or comments you may have.